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File Pull down Selections

Under the Color Manager, Menu Bar File Pull down are seven selections as shown in the figure on the right.

The "New" selection clears the Palette and adds a few, basic, Starter Colors to the Color Palette Panel.

When either "Open", "Save Palette As" or "Save Color Bar As" is selected, a Pop-Up Dialog Box, similar to the one described in the Menu Bar File Help, appears.  The Selection process is the same except that only Color Design Files (Type CDF) will be in the selection list.

When "Save Palette" is selected the program will check to see if the current palette has been named.  If the current name is "untitled.cdf" the palette will not be saved, there will be a beep and an instant help message will appear in the Program Status Windows.  Save Palette As must be used to name and save an "untitled.cdf."

When "Save Color Bar" is selected the program will check to see if the current Color Bar has been named.  If the current name is "untitled.cdf" the palette will not be saved, there will be a beep and an instant help message will appear in the Program Status Windows.  Save Color Bar As must be used to name and save an "untitled.cdf."

Named palettes will be saved immediately without further prompting.

When "Quit" is selected, the Color Manager Windows will close immediately.  Selecting "Quit" is the same as selecting the "Cancel" Button described in the Control Panel Topic below.

Managing the Colors

The Palette Editor consists of a collection of panels, each with a specific use in the overall Color Design Process.

The Palette Panel

  This Panel is used for:

      Opening a Color Design Files (Type CDF) for editing
      Creating a new Palette
      Saving a Palette as a CDF.

Current Color

  This Panel shows the currently selected color.

The Color Bar Panel The Color Adjustment Panel
This Panel is used for:

      Opening a CDF as a Color Bar,
      Editing a Color Bar imported from the Sktchpad Tool Box,
      Creating a new Color Pallet for use in the Sktchpad Tool Box,
      Saving a Color Bar as a CDF.

This Panel is used for:

      Designing colors by adjusting the Red, Green and
      Blue values,
      Matching Delica Colors.

Copying and Adjusting Colors

In the panels above, colors can be copied from any panel to any other panel. The panel from which a color is to be copied will be referred to as the Source Panel.  The panel to which a color is copied will be referred to as the Destination Panel. The Source Panel may also be the Destination Panel.  To select a color to copy, point at a Color Box in a Source Panel with the mouse and then click with the left mouse button.  To drop a color in a Destination Panel, point to a color box in the Destination Panel and click with the right mouse button.

When a color is selected, it is immediately displayed in the "Current Color" panel.  The Current Color is the color that is currently associated with the right mouse button.  The Current Color can be copied to any color box in any of the panels shown above by pointing to the box with the mouse and clicking the right mouse button.

To make an adjustment to a color, copy the color to the "Adjusted" box in the Color Adjustment Panel.  To change the color use the scroll buttons in the three scroll bars under the Adjusted and Reference boxes.  Moving the button to the right increases the color value.  Moving the button to the left decreases the color value.  To fine tune a color, clicking on the left or right pointing arrowheads on the ends of the scroll bars increases or decreases the color value, respectively, by one.  For course tuning, click in the white space to the left or right of the scroll button and the color value will decrease or increase the color value, respectively, by 10.  The UnDo button, to the right of the Reference Box can be used to restore the Adjusted Color to the Reference, or Current, color.

Changing the Color in the "Adjusted" box has no effect on any other color box in any of the panels in the Color Manager Window.  To copy the color from the "Adjusted" box, select it with the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer to the Destination Color Box and right click there.

Colors can be copied from the Color Palette to the Color Bar either individually or as a group.  To copy individual colors, left click to select a Palette Source Color, point to a Color Bar Destination Box and right click.  To copy all the Palette colors, use the Copy button to the right of the Color Adjustment Panel.  See below for more information on copying colors to the Color Bar.

Color Bar Specifics

To bring the Sketch Pad Color Bar into the Color Manager Color Bar, use the "Get" Button to the right of the color editing panels.  Colors that have been used in the design in progress will be marked with their Color ID character.  These colors are protected from change as long as the "Override Color" Check Box is NOT checked.  Should an attempt to change a protected color be made, the program will Beep and display a warning message.  The message will remain in the status display for approximately 10 seconds and then the warning message will be cleared.  If the "Override Color" Check Box is checked, Color Bar colors can be changed at any time.

To return the Color Bar to the Sketch Pad Tool Box, select the "Put" Button to the right of the color editing panels.  If "Override Color" is checked, the program will replace all previously used colors with their Color Manager Color Bar replacement color.

Color ID Characters

Below the Color Bar Boxes, are the Color ID Characters.  The two sets of boxes have a one to one relation ship.  The font used for the Color ID Characters can be any font that is on the system.  Fonts are selected from the Design Parameters Windows.

Using Delica Colors

The Delica Color Panel accesses the Delica Color Data supplied with the program.  At the top of the Panel is the Delica Color Data list.  The list is arranged alphabetically and the data in the list cannot be edited.

To use the list, click anywhere on it and the selected entry will be highlighted.  The highlighting indicates that the item is selected, and it's color will appear in the appropriate color boxes.  To move the highlight one color at a time, use the up and down arrows on the keyboard.  When the highlight reaches the visible top or the bottom of the list, the list will automatically scroll up or down as appropriate.

To Scroll up or down through the entire list rapidly, use the scroll bar on its right side.  To scroll up or down one row at a time, click on the up or down pointing arrows at either end of the Scroll Bar.  To scroll up or down an entire visible list or page, click on the white space above or below the Scroll Button.  To drag the list up or down, click and hold on the scroll button and drag it up or down.  The list will not change position until the mouse button is released.  When the mouse button is released, the list will move relative to the scroll bar button position.  When the desired color comes into view, click on it to select it.

Delica Colors can be selected for use in the Color Editing Panels by left clicking on the Delica Color Box at the bottom of the Delica Color Panel and right clicking on any Color box in any Panel as described in the "Copying and Editing Colors" paragraphs above.  Alternately, the "Match Delica Color" check box can be checked to put the Color Designer in a special mode for using Delica Colors.

When the "Match Delica Color" check box is checked, A button appears at the right of the Reference Color Box.  Selecting a Delica Color immediately copies it to the Reference Color Box as well as the Current Color Box.  Since Computer Monitors can vary in color accuracy, the "Edit It" button makes it possible to change the Delica Color by also copying the color to the "Adjusted Color" box where it can be changed using the three Color Scroll Bars.  The adjusted color can then be selected instead of the Delica Color supplied with the program.

Miyuki Bead Company, the Delica bead manufacture, does not supply color information for it's beads.  The Colors in the Delica Color List, supplied with the program, are a compilation of Empirical Data from many sources and their accuracy is not guaranteed.

To search for a specific Delica Color, enter its Delica ID number into the "Find" entry box and depress the Enter Key.  Letter characters, the "-" and the leading zeros are optional.  For example, to search for DB-0781 type 781 in the entry box and depress enter.  The program will begin at the top of the Delica Color List and search downward until it finds the color.  If the color cannot be found, a message will pop up on the screen indicating that the color was not found.  The message will remain on the screen, and no further action can be taken, until the message's OK button is selected.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is directly under the Delica Color Panel.

There are two buttons in the Control Panel, "Cancel" and "Done."  Cancel closes the Color Designer immediately and does no data checking.  Done checks to see if changes have been made to the Color Bar and if so will provide a "second chance" prompt in case changes have been made which might be lost.  Selecting "Yes" will cause an immediate exit.  Selecting "No" or "Cancel" will cause the program to remain in the Color Manager.

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