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The Political Party VS Our Democracy

There is, supposedly, an Independent Party. I'm totally confused by it. Below is a link to Wikipedia so that you can decide for your self. Please note that in the mix you will find the Libertarian Party.

Is there an Independent Party? Really?


The three largest political parties in the U.S. have a membership of over 86 million. The Democrats are largest with about 49,285,839, Republicans around 36,386,591 and the Libertarians around 559,504. Sooo*** the Democratic Candidate is a slam/dunk, right?

But wait, there are nearly 128 million voters who are unaligned with any of the top three Parties. It is this group who will have a major impact on who gets to be our next POTUS. We can only hope the TRUTH gets to them!

Everyone is Privelege:      Some more than others!!

There Be Monsters:      And there real!!

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